Yoga Fundamentals:
Great for the beginner and experienced Yogi alike, in this class we focus on developing the basic fundamentals  of Your practice.  More time is spent in each pose to cultivate strong alignment principles with the aid of props and careful attention to details.

Vinyasa Yoga:
Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic “flow” centered class, where we focus on linking the breath and asanas (poses) together in a smooth, challenging and playful way. This class is not ideel for the total beginner.

Yin Yoga:
The heart of Yin is letting go, both of the mind and body, in order for your connective tissue to release in a gentle and natural way through long and sustained stretches. Taught almost like a long meditation, this class targets the deep connective tissue of the body offering the perfect counterbalance to our Yang (active) lifestyles. While essential for recovery, injury prevention, and developing/maintaining a healthy range of motion, Yin Yoga also offers deep anti-stress elements by calming down the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and allowing the body to enter a relaxed “rest state.” This offers a truly special experience for all persons of any level.

All classes will be costumized for the private sessions and semi private classes.


All classes will be customized for the private sessions and semi private classes.

Private class 60 minutes


Semi-private classes

Flat rate     $125Per additional person     $75Max. 4 people

Body mind connection EMS + Yin Yoga package

20 minute EMS session + 30 minute Yin Yoga session to follow

Trial session




5 passes


10 passes


*Cancellation Policy: I kindly request a 12-hour notice of cancellation or change of appointment. A full fee will be charged for customers who do not cancel or change their appointment in a timely manner..