SHAPE NYC uses FDA cleared full body electric muscle stimulation training. The session takes 20 minutes at your location of choice (office or home) and is lead by a personal trainer who controls and adjusts the intensity of the impulses. The personal trainer at SHAPE NYC encourages and guides you through the workout so every exercise is done correctly.

· Development of your muscles
· Gentle to your joints
· Increase fat metabolism
· Reduce back pain
· Personalized training
· Fits most adults (trained and un-trained)

SHAPE NYC is founded in 2018 by Pernille Vedel Jamil.
We are looking forward to help you get in Shape!

Book an appointment: pernille@shape-nyc.com


SHAPE NYC has partnered with the digital health app Altus Care to pilot a mobile app as part of delivering more personalized training and daily recommendations to improve overall outcomes for SHAPE NYC clients. Learn more at Altus Care


Electric muscle stimulation has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades with great results. It provides the perfect combination of highly effective strength and cardio training. It is suitable for almost anyone aged 18-80+ (trained and untrained).

All sessions take place at your address of choice (e.g. your home or office). A small area the size of a yoga mat (roughly 30 square feet) is ideal.

With electric muscle stimulation you can safely and effectively improve your overall fitness. Read the science


No sign up fee!

Trial session


1 session


10 sessions


Train back to back with a friend or family member and save money – 20 sessions


You will need special cotton undergarments (t-shirt and trousers). They can be used for every training and cost $50 (one time purchase).


*Cancellation Policy: I kindly request a 12-hour notice of cancellation or change of appointment. A full fee will be charged for customers who do not cancel or change their appointment in a timely manner.


Book an appointment: pernille@shape-nyc.com

Location NYC

900 Third Avenue,
10022 New York, NY

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